RNTO Group Run– Last Tuesday of Every Month @ 6:30pm

Meet Our Team

Tiffany Bjornstad

Team Member

Originally From: Nashua, New Hampshire

What Keeps Me Going: Running gives me clarity to be the best version of me I can be for myself and my loved ones. It also allows me to physically and mentally challenge myself, pushing my limits. In doing so, I hope to encourage and inspire others. Especially my daughter.

Favorite item in our shop: Anything Vuori 

What is your earliest sports story/memory?: Middle school basketball tryouts which was a two hour intense strength and cardio training with the high school girls. This was my first experience really being pushed to my physical limits and realizing the hard work that goes into becoming a strong athlete, both physically and mentally.

Superlative: “Best Smile!”

Tiffany’s Superpower: “Tiffany’s superpower is massage therapy.  She uses technical skill, her knowledge of anatomy, and her magical intuition to help beat up runners and non-runners stay healthy, heal injuries, and keep doing what they love. The craziest thing about being on her table is that you’d swear it was a 200 pound man massaging you until you remember it’s just little Tiff! She has the massage power of a person twice her size!” – Allison Norris