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Shoe Fittings

Our expert staff is dedicated to providing you with a personalized shoe fitting experience that ensures maximum comfort and performance.

About Shoe Fittings

At Run-N-Tri, we know that no two feet are exactly the same – not even on the same

We understand that finding your shoe is a very individual process and we take the time to do it right. This means we analyze your feet and your gait, but just as importantly we want to know what has brought you into the store and what you’re hoping to leave with. 

Maybe that’s just great shoes or some GUs, but perhaps something intangible too! Info on group runs around town, the little boost of encouragement you needed to sign up for that marathon you’ve been thinking about, or just a friendly face and a laugh (we do a lot of that here)!

What To Expect

We’ll identify the need given what your are doing in your shoe. We’ll ask some questions about you, any current aches or pains, your goals, what is it you want to feel and experience in the shoes.

We always intend to measure both feet – this includes the length of both feet, your arch length and width

watch you walk and apply pressure on your feet. Motion is key in
identifying the need. Watching the arch, achilles, knees, hips, and lower back in motion tell us so much about your body’s kinetic chain and the best footwear function for your body’s individual needs. Once we identify what the feet are doing in motion, the aches/pains and the goal of what we are doing in the shoes then we’ll move on to finding the right shoe.

While trying options, we will watch how the shoe’s function is working with your foot & biomechanics. In combination with your feedback of each shoe, we’ll examine your stride, look for a balanced motion, and check the four areas of fit (toe length, arch fit, instep and heel fit). The fit is often most overlooked which is why we strive to seek the best fit.

In addition to a great new shoe, often times during
the process we’ll share insight on stretches, remedies and other important tools to compliment what best helps you stay moving.

We always strive to make this process an art form, a give and take. Our fit process requires skill & training on the part of our staff, but it also requires trust and feedback from you, the customer. We are always here to listen and help. Our goal is always to empower our customer with information and inspiration.


It is recommended to get a shoe fitting every time you purchase new shoes or every 300 to 500 miles, whichever comes first. However, if you experience any discomfort or pain during exercise, it may be worth getting a shoe fitting sooner.

You should bring the socks you plan to wear during exercise, any orthotics or insoles you use, and any old shoes you have been using for comparison purposes. fitting sooner.

A shoe fitting typically takes between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the fitting process and the customer’s needs.

Factors considered during a shoe fitting include foot shape and size, arch type, gait analysis, and activity level.

A good pair of athletic shoes should fit well and provide adequate support, cushioning, and stability for your specific activity. They should also be made of high-quality materials and be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of regular exercise.

Visit Us For A Shoe Fitting

There’s no substitute for an in-person fitting with one of our expert staff members. We invite you to visit our store to experience our world-class customer service and get a personalized shoe fitting that will take your fitness to the next level.