RNTO Group Run– Last Tuesday of Every Month @ 6:30pm

Meet Our Team

Allison Norris

Team Member

Originally From: Navy Brat from VA, CA, PA, Japan, MD, Chapel Hill

What Keeps Me Going: My six children, comprised of twin 13-yr-old human daughters and four rescue dogs. 

Favorite item in our shop: Chocolate Tailwind Recovery

What is your earliest sports story/memory?: I was a competitive swimmer growing up and when I lived in Japan as an 8-10 year old I swam on a Japanese swim team. I was the only American on the entire team and no one spoke English. The practices were insanely hard. The head coach would always carry a very long bamboo stick that had a hard buoy attached to the end of it and he would whack swimmers on the head if they weren’t working hard enough. He never whacked me but the threat was always there. I came back from Japan as a much faster swimmer!

Superlative: “Most likely to start and manage her own dog/animal rescue shelter. She has a deep love for animals!”

Allison’s Superpower: “The ability to stick to and follow a marathon training plan and coaching without missing a workout! She is extremely disciplined and detailed oriented.” – Tiffany Bjornstad