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Meet Our Team

Brian Lesh

Team Member

Originally From: Upstate New York where there’s more cows and corn than people

What Keeps Me Going: Whether at my big kid job or slingin’ shoes, I thrive on getting it right and seeing the satisfaction of accomplishment in others around me.

Favorite item in our shop: Theragun. It always makes my sore muscles feel way better. 

What is your earliest sports story/memory?: We played a prank on a kid while on the varsity golf team. There was a hole that sat on a plateau back home. He hit the ball way past the green, so we marked his ball and made him think he hit a tree and got a hole in one. He was pretty upset with us when we laughed at him and told him where his ball actually ended up. 

Superlative: “Most likely to win a Grammy”

Brian’s Superpower: “Knows just about any artist and song on the radio.” – Jacob Polzin