RNTO Group Run– Last Tuesday of Every Month @ 6:30pm

Meet Our Team

Jacob Polzin

Team Member

Originally From: Detroit, MI

What Keeps Me Going: Empathy for others drives me in so many ways. My “why” in racing is my why in everything: to educate and help those around me. My passion is not in winning the race, rather getting others to be healthier and happier versions of themselves along my journey of doing the same. Inviting neighbors, friends and loved ones to join me for rides, runs, and walks in the park… maybe even time at the pool drive me most days. I try to do all of this while balancing the joys of training with the commitments of being a better husband and dad to our 4-legged children. 

Favorite item in our shop: Anything orange, and if it’s 2Undr underwear, bonus!

What is your earliest sports story/memory?: Competing in my first marathon in 8th grade with my older brother. We started out on an out and back course that was mixed with a lot of ½ marathon & 10K runners. At mile 10, my brother rolled his ankle and had to slow down. He made the turn around at 2:30 hours but by that point we were doing everything we could to keep my brother walking. He really wanted to finish so we kept plugging along. At mile 20, we noticed that we weren’t seeing any more aid stations or course markers. We knew we needed to stay in the direction we were going but had no idea how far we had left. The course officials had thought everyone was done as only a few folks had done the marathon distance and they were super fast. At about mile 25.5 some 6:45 in, a truck came up and tried to stop us. The guy said unforgettably, “Hey, everyone is looking for you. You need to come with me.” To which my brother said “We were told we had 7:00 to complete the race and we aren’t stopping now. You can tell them we are finishing this ourselves.” We then started running and didn’t stop until 6 minutes later when we crossed the line in 6:51! 

Superlative: “Most likely to wear orange. Jakey is color blind but definitely knows his oranges

Jacob’s Superpower: “The ability to say bye “byyyyyeeeee” and make you smile and laugh every time.” – Hatcher Geary