RNTO Group Run– Last Tuesday of Every Month @ 6:30pm

Meet Our Team

Renee Harvey

Team Member

Originally From: New London, Wisconsin

What Keeps Me Going: Will and Determination and High Quality H2O

Favorite item in our shop: Handful Bras

What is your earliest sports story/memory?: Running a 5K with my dad when I was maybe 15 or 16.  He signed me up through his work and I thought I would be able to do it and beat him since he was clearly old by this time 🙂  Well, I was mistaken and it was the hardest thing I had done up until that point as far as sports.  I wasn’t a coordinated kid, so running was where I ended up.  I’ve been running ever since.

Superlative: “Renee is Most likely to be there. For a workout, a swim, bike or run – Renee will be there. To cheer on a friend at an event no matter how far away Renee will be there”.

Renee’s Superpower: “Renee has the superpower of Doing more by Sunrise than most of us collectively do ALL Day. Bonus- You never need a calendar to remind you of what Holiday it is. Renee has an outfit for it!!” – Bryan Staffey