RNTO Group Run– Last Tuesday of Every Month @ 6:30pm

Todd Shields

Originally From: Robbins, NC What Keeps Me Going: I find value in living and working with integrity on a day to day basis. Each of us will have adverse times […]

Lee Hopkins

Originally From: Rocky Mount, NC What Keeps Me Going: Bringing joy to everyone I meet! Favorite item in our shop: Clif Shot Bloks – Black Cherry & Altra Lone Peak […]

Tiffany Bjornstad

Originally From: Nashua, New Hampshire What Keeps Me Going: Running gives me clarity to be the best version of me I can be for myself and my loved ones. It […]

Renee Harvey

Originally From: New London, Wisconsin What Keeps Me Going: Will and Determination and High Quality H2O Favorite item in our shop: Handful Bras What is your earliest sports story/memory?: Running […]

Meredith Van Veen

Originally From: Philadelphia (Lansdale), Pennsylvania What Keeps Me Going: My family & ride-or-die friends who support all of my crazy endeavors, and my desire to show up as the best […]

Jacob Polzin

Originally From: Detroit, MI What Keeps Me Going: Empathy for others drives me in so many ways. My “why” in racing is my why in everything: to educate and help […]

Bryan Staffey

What Keeps Me Going: In the shop hearing customers’ success stories. Watching their uncertainty grow into an unwavering confidence definitely fuels my fire. Some mantras while putting in miles I […]

Brian Lesh

Originally From: Upstate New York where there’s more cows and corn than people What Keeps Me Going: Whether at my big kid job or slingin’ shoes, I thrive on getting […]

Allison Norris

Originally From: Navy Brat from VA, CA, PA, Japan, MD, Chapel Hill What Keeps Me Going: My six children, comprised of twin 13-yr-old human daughters and four rescue dogs.  Favorite […]